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We are a team of qualified pallet rack inspectors and auditors, helping Australian businesses meet the requirements of Workplace Health & Safety and the Australian Standard for steel storage racking.

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To comply with Australian Standard 4084 your racking must be inspected every 12 months, regardless of size, working loads or traffic.

We further recommend continual pallet rack inspections by your forklift operators and management on a regular basis, along with ongoing "incidental" rack damage reporting. Our team can help yours establish these tools and rack inspection checklists for continued use into the future. Inspect-a-RACK's inspection process has been designed using the industry's "best practices" and in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Standard. A rack inspection event will improve your understanding of pallet rack safety and might just save you a packet.

The Inspect-a-RACK team can also assist you with selecting the safest new pallet racking and pallet rack installations to suit your needs, while keeping your rack maintenance and safety in front-of-mind.
Inspect-a-RACK only recommends the use of compliant, genuine warehouse storage products.