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Does My Pallet Racking Meet the Australian Standard?


It can be difficult to determine whether or not a specific pallet racking installation meets the Australian Standard, without having an inspection performed by someone with an in-depth knowledge of the Standard and product.

Since the first Standard was introduced in 1993, it can generally be said that most pallet racking which pre-dates the Standard does not conform to the Standard. Additionally, the Standard refers to the racking as an “installation”. Therefore, even if the rack design conforms to the Standard, the rack as an “installation” may not. Specific factors which may affect the conformance of the racking installation may include (but are not limited to) floor fixings, damage, alignment, plumb of uprights and floor load capacity.

Recently, there have also been a number of imported brands of pallet racking coming into Australia designed to mimic well-known and trusted conforming Australian brands. Tests have been performed on many of these imported and “counterfeit” brands – both by Australian pallet racking manufacturers, as well as independent organisations – and many have been found to fail when tested in accordance with the Standard, based on the load carrying capacities claimed by the manufacturers, importers and distributors.

Inspect-a-RACK does not consider AS 4084—2012 to be a retroactive Standard and therefore, racks which conform to AS 4084—1993 and have not been relocated, reconfigured or structurally altered (other than routine maintenance and repairs) will be considered by Inspect-a-RACK as “conforming”.