Level 2 Inspection

Level 2 Inspection:

Level 2 Inspection is usually completed if an inspection has never been performed on the site before by Elbowroom Aust Pty Ltd or one of its partner companies. A Level 2 may also be required if drawings of the site do not exist or if load signs and/or other general engineering information is required.

This type of Inspection may also be required if the site has been significantly changed since the previous inspection or since it was originally installed to the point that drawings or load engineering needs to be recreated, or if the customer requests a complete re-analysis of the entire site.


The inspection includes the following activities:

  • Visit site and conduct initial inspection pass
  • Record all defects identified by the inspector, including minor defects (“Green Risk”). Check layouts and bay configurations against records and mark up CAD drawings if necessary
  • Provide general assessments of each rack type or configuration
  • Provide the following itemised defect lists showing position, priority, defect type and recommended action:
    • Red-Risk defect report – (showing all items which must be unloaded or otherwise actioned immediately)
    • Action defect report – (showing all items which must be actioned as soon as possible, including red-risk defects)
    • Full defect report – (showing all items, including minor defects, action defects and red-risk defects)
  • Provide defect density statistics for the site, showing comparisons area-to-area and aisle-to-aisle. This may highlight “problem areas” for the site’s operational staff. A consultation can be arranged with the inspector to help to improve or eliminate high-risk areas and to keep operators and staff safe*. Defect statistics will also compare different damage types (e.g. uprights vs. beams) – this information can be used to identify incorrect loading techniques or other operational problems the users may be having with the racking system.
  • Provide confirmation of compliance and/or safety of rack after repairs have been made.

*Additional charges will apply for this consultation service

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