Rack Operation Training

Rack Operation Training

Inspect-a-RACK is able to offer you a comprehensive training programme for operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel to increase their awareness and knowledge of rack safety, operation and maintenance. The training programme is focussed on 3 main areas: safe operation, maintenance and inspection of racking.


Each session is broken down to 6 sections:

  • Rack damage presentation
  • Rack safety video
  • Operation & maintenance training
  • Open discussion
  • Learning Assessment
  • On-site walk-through (if applicable)


At the beginning of the session, each trainee receives the following materials: Unit Outline, Colby Storage Solutions Rack Operation & Maintenance Manual, and a Training Questionnaire (to be filled in later). All of these, except the questionnaire can be kept by the trainee. At the completion of the session, each trainee will receive a binder of their own to retain all learning materials and resources that they can use when conducting in-house inspections. They will also receive a personalised statement detailing the training they have just completed.

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