Level 1 Inspection

Level 1 Inspection:

Level 1 Inspection is when you are aware of specific defects which need to be repaired or replaced. Inspect-a-RACK can visit your site and examine the defects pointed out by you. Inspect-a-RACK can then advise you as to the severity of the damage, the need to replace it and whether or not it is required to be unloaded. Additionally, Inspect-a-RACK can offer a price to complete repair works, in accordance with the relevant standards and the manufacturer’s specifications. No sign-off for compliance or safety of rack structures can be given after a Level 1 inspection.

Contact your friendly Inspector today to book in your Level 1 inspection. Call the freecall 1800 220 925 number or Landline +61 7 3907 8512 or alternatively you can check out the Level 2 or level 3 Inspection details on the next pages and choose the service that best suits your needs. Our Inspectors are fully trained and qualified to provide the best service possible and use modern, effective tools to record defects and report damages back to the rack owners/operators.

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